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Muddy Heaven Forever

Muddy Heaven Forever

About Muddy Heaven

Muddy Heaven is an urban farm project that began in a vacant lot in Highland Park in February 2021. With the help of friends on the weekends, we slowly dug beds and planted flowers, veggies, and herbs. Our all ages programming weaves together farming, cooking and play in order to build radical relationships with ourselves and each other. Our organically grown food, flowers, and herbs are distributed to the community through programming, CSA shares, and donations to local mutual aid networks.

Since 2021, Muddy Heaven has taken many forms - we lost our original lot, then farmed on several small plots and backyards that neighbors and community members shared with us, and are now growing in our home backyards. As settlers on occupied Tongva/Kizh land, we're in solidarity with the active calls for the rematriation of land to local Indigenous communities, and steward our relationship with this place with that framework as a guide.

A person with light skin is smiling and holding a rooster in their arms

Kylie Obermeier

She / Her

Kylie has been working with kids since Fall 2018, first at Walden School and then at Sequoyah School. At these progressive K–6 and K–8 schools, she helped run daycare programs, assisted teachers in different classes, and led cooking activities at Sequoyah’s summer camp. Kylie also makes earth-minded food and heads foraging expeditions through her project, Kitchen Sink.

A person with light skin, long dark hair, is wearing a blue puffy jacket and holding a big armful of red and pink sweet pea flowers

Emily Alford

They / Them

Emily has worked in the outdoors for ten years beginning with habitat restoration in the Santa Monica Mountains in their youth. Their experience with plants and food includes working on organic farms from Santa Cruz to Long Island, teaching K–5 garden education, and managing an urban garden program based in Venice for youth experiencing homelessness. In addition to co-facilitating Muddy Heaven youth programming with Kylie, Emily grows flowers at their home in Van Nuys for bouquet lovers and florists, but most importantly for the local bees, butterflies and birds ♡

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