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close up image of pink cosmos, sunflowers, and greenery

Flowers Flowers

Flowers Flowers

Muddy Heaven Flowers

Organic, chemical-free flowers grown in L.A.

Muddy Heaven's flower program began slowly and steadily, with the encouragement and enthusiasm of many beloved friends. Emily now grows flowers in their front and back yards at their home in Van Nuys, and sells to both retail and wholesale customers.

City grown flowers provide important biodiverse habitat for pollinators, worms, birds, and other small beings, which is important because most of the continent's cut flowers are grown in other parts of the world, often in conditions that don't protect farm workers or the environment. Growing urban flowers is one of the quickest ways to watch the return of worms and the birth of caterpillars in the often forgotten places we're tending. We're thrilled to share this bounty of blooms with you.

close up image of a bouquet with yellow, pink, and multicolored flowers with green foliage. set against a light red background.

Bouquet Club

Weekly Flower Subscription

For the flower lovers and the lovers who want to send flowers to their crushes! Bouquet Club is a weekly bouquet subscription of flowers grown in Van Nuys by Emily of Muddy Heaven. Always chemical-free and organic. Pick up or delivery available.

Summer Bouquet Club 2024 is open for sign ups! Weekly or bi-weekly flowers from June through August.

Close up image of an orange and black monarch butterfly on the brown center of a yellow sunflower with a dark brown center and golden yellow petals

Wholesale Flowers

Muddy Heaven flowers are available for wholesale purchase to local florists and through Gather Flora. DIY event producers can purchase mixed buckets for $80/100 stems. Reach out to learn more!