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Garden Club

Garden Club

Garden Club

Garden Club is a monthly meet-up for city gardeners (and the gardening-curious) facilitated by Muddy Heaven. A special chance to tour urban green oases and collectively study different themes including pollination, animal husbandry, native plants, and more.

A farm manager once told me to visit as many farms as possible because there are endless ways to grow plants, and the inspiration that comes from seeing a variety of systems is unmatched. We're in awe of all the city gardeners growing food, flowers, and herbs in the nooks and crannies of Los Angeles. Not to mention that learning, questioning, and troubleshooting is way more fun with friends. We hope you'll join us!

close up image of a melon growing amidst vines and leaves

Sunday, September 24th, Hugelkultur and Fire Cider at Crystal's House

"This Might Not Work" - A garden party about going for it! As Crystal navigates life as a single person with a chronic illness, they dream of abundance and low-maintenance gardening. This Might Not Work is a work party for exploring the unknown, the uncertain, and change. Using free/found materials and tools borrowed from the tool library, we will work together to construct a hugelkultur bed in Crystal's backyard. Plus! A fire cider demonstration in anticipation of fall time immune system support.

Accessibility - Site is not ADA compliant. There is a step from the driveway to enter the backyard and two steps to enter the restroom. Chairs are available.

Masking - This is an immuno-compromised household, please plan to wear a mask if entering the house to use the restroom.