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Kids at Muddy Heaven's urban garden, playing with a dog

Sun Sprouts Farm Camp

Sun Sprouts Farm Camp

Where does our food come from? Can we grow food and raise animals with care while living in the city? What does it mean to eat locally, seasonally, from farm to table? How do we grow, eat, and share food in a way that honors ourselves, the earth, and our communities?

Sun Sprouts explores these questions through gardening, cooking, art-making, and play, with an emphasis on human and non-human relationship building. Together we practice hands-on gardening and culinary skills, like how to harvest herbs and knead bread, while affirming kids' autonomy and curiosity. Participants will experience firsthand the power of growing their own fresh food and sharing it with community. And perhaps most important, participants will receive the grounding mental health benefits of spending time outside and actively caring for the land.

What We'll Get Up To!

Dirt Time

planting worm compost edible weed pesto pinch pots sapote mud pies

Solar Power

cyanotype sun prints solar oven s'mores shadow drawing sun tea blooming sun catchers

Treasure Trash

onion skin tie-dye worm compost egg carton clay play summer berry jam butterfly banners

Seeding Futures

compostable lanterns saving seeds rainbow popcorn sourdough bread

child looking at a blue cyanotype bandana

Sun Sprouts After School

Spring 2024 sessions for students at El Rio Community School


TK - K group meets 12:45 - 1:30, 1st - 5th grade group meets 1:45 - 2:30

Spring Session: Fridays, April 12 - May 31st


Cost for Sun Sprouts After School is $280/session

a group of children sitting around a large canvas banner with a butterfly outline, children are painting in the butterfly with many colors

Sun Sprouts Farm Camp

Summer Day Camp in Northeast LA

Sign up now for our 4th annual Sun Sprouts Farm Camp!

Monday - Friday from June 10th - 21st. Meeting from 8:30 am - 2:30 pm in an enclosed, lush backyard garden in Highland Park. Best for ages 5-12. Limited sliding scale spots available.