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side view of a large sunflower head hanging down from its tall stem, a cinder block wall is in the background with "muddy heaven" written in chalk

Summer Dispatch from Muddy Heaven

To our beloved community,

We're nearing the end of our summer programming, thank you for your continued support!

Our 3rd annual Sun Sprouts Farm Camp hosted nearly 50 kids (more than ever), including 10 kids per week who came for completely free! We loved playing with worms, painting butterfly, ladybug, beetle flags, and cooking and gardening together. We're looking forward to our Fall sessions of our after school group for El Rio students, and hope to offer a weekend workshop for youth sometime soon too.

Summer Bouquet Club is wrapping up and it's been a joy to share the abundance of summer with this enthusiastic group of flower lovers. And more blooms are on their way! Fall Bouquet Club is open for sign ups! Or send us a message to order a one-time bouquet, or a bucket of 100 stems for DIY arranging.

After a brief summertime hiatus, Garden Club returns on August 27th with a visit to Motherland Garden in mid city. Perren began this space in their mother's front yard "dedicated to eating and experimenting and enjoyment." They focus on "cultivating culturally important and less common edible and medicinal plants," and will share about their approach to soil health, pest predators, and Korean Natural Farming amendments. To join us, sign up here.

Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support for this project, we wouldn't be here without you <3

with love, Kylie & Emily